Just What the Doctor Ordered: 4 Physicians to Follow for Women's Health & Beauty

Image: Creative Commons (clevercupcakes)
Florst? Check. Videographer? Check. Wedding Coordinator? Check. Doctor? 

Let's hope you won't need on-site physicians for your big day but they sure can help you prepare for it and your life happily-ever-after. Doctors have joined the social media party and I have learned so much from following doctors on my twitter and/or RSS feed. Here are a few of my favorite doctors to follow:

Dr. Jeff Benabio is my trusty physician resource for all things Health- and Beauty-related. How he manages to answer my questions before I ask them is beyond me:

Craving that 3rd cupcake? Yes indeed, I said third but I'm sure you've shared my struggle to resist the temptation at one time or another. As the creator of a weight management program for children and teenagers, Dr. Joanna Dolgoff tweets tips on tossing sweets (say that ten times fast) and keeping your diet in order.

Dr. Margaret Polaneczky, an obstetrician-gynecologist, is the author of a unique blog that covers recipes and Women's Health issues. Ever been the victim of honeymoon cystitis? You have got to read her "Eat, Pray, Love and the UTI." If that doesn't catch your attention, I don't know what will. A gyno-food blog sounds gross but, believe me, you'll go back for more.

Dr. Val Jones created Better Health which in my opinion is the leading news aggregate of blogs by physicians and other health professionals. Enough said. 

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