the PRO Files: Deena Tearney of UMEE Designs {fashion}

Welcome to a new series of posts on the wedding lane called the PRO Files where we feature professionals from all over the wedding industry. Today we're proud to present our very first one. Give a big aloha to Deena White Tearney of Umee Honolulu.  I found Umee while searching for bridesmaid dresses for my friend's destination wedding. To my pleasant surprise, her entire line offers what I've been looking for - a way to wear my island pride in a subtle and elegant way. 

What makes Umee's style different?
The UMEE style is all about simple sophistication with a touch of pacific inspiration.  I guess you could say our style has a slight retro feel too... maybe that’s because I have an attraction to the sophistication of Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn.  They (seemingly effortlessly) defined classic beauty and timeless style.  I would like to imagine that they would like my line.  :) 

I’m also really proud of the fact that all our designs are made in Hawaii.  In a way, it is part of our style, and it thrills me when a woman who wears my line appreciates knowing that it’s made in Hawaii.  I call that ‘aloha pride’.  That concept makes sense for me since I’m a Texan and have lots of Texas pride!  In my mind, the concept of ‘aloha pride’ is sort of a similar thing. It’s all about having this internal pride of being associated to the interesting people, places, products, etc... that come from these gorgeous islands.  
    Who do you design for
    I used to come to Hawaii on vacation as a tourist when I was working in Los Angeles.  I wanted to find clothes while on vacation that I could wear back at the office - something with a ‘Hawaii’ feel but not too over the top or impractical.  It was hard!  I actually never bought anything!   So, when I moved to Honolulu, I created a line to offer women like myself just that - simple and uniquely Hawaii designs wearable when the vacation was over.
      Fave food or places to eat in Honolulu 
      Wow, I have so many favorite places to eat in Honolulu!  Stage and Hiroshi are two places that my husband and I frequent.  If I had to pick one place in Waikiki, I would choose Michel’s.  I love restaurants that have a distinct style and then infuse a bit of “Hawaii”.  Hmm... sounds sort of like my brand ;)
        If you are married, what is one thing you learned from your engagement process/wedding/being married 
        I’m married and grateful every day to have found true love.  When I lived in Dallas, the pastor of our church had an idea that I really liked - frame your wedding vows and hang them in your bedroom.  It’s a great reminder throughout the years of the commitment made on your wedding day.  Of course when I heard the idea, a bunch of designs started to run through my head - calligraphy, cute letter press, fun frames, etc...!  I also think that this idea can be a meaningful gift to give to your friends and family at anniversaries!  I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t done this yet so if anyone who does cool calligraphy wants to help me check this off my “to do” list, DM me ;)

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