Love it or leave it: Basket of Toiletries for Your Guest Bathroom

If you've been wondering about my decline in posts over the past two weeks, it's because I've been moving into our new home and doing a lot of traveling (including a mini-honeymoon to sunny Southern California, yay). Less than two days back from our trip, I'm already having guests from out of town here tomorrow. Yikes!

Anyway, during my mad dash to get my place in order, I tried to get organize my collection of hotel bath samples. Following the advice of Erin Doland of Unclutterer.com, I made my "basket" of toiletries. In her post, "Ask Unclutterer: Overflowing lotion bottles," she suggests putting samples into a basket in a guest bathroom with a sign “For Our Guests: Help yourself!” on it.

I thought it was a wonderful idea. However, when my husband came home, he laughed at it. He would rather have the three to four bottles displayed as a set each time a guest comes over. Our compromise? Right now, our bathroom counter top shows both my vase of samples and his little set. Help me settle our little bathroom debate. What do you think? Love it or leave it? 

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