My trip to Paris...

from my living room.

What? A girl can dream right?

I never really thought of Paris until I moved to the Bay Area. Then, one day, I realized I fell in love with the city without ever getting on a plane. Maybe it was because I ate too many croissants from my local bakery  or watched one too many episodes of  Ina making her herb-baked eggs.  In any case, I live in an area full of Francophiles and I became one of them. *sigh* My dream honeymoon will have to wait until the recession is over and my honey gets a job. Until then, I get a smidgen of Paris from  David Lebovitz and Design*Sponge... oh, and my brother (who took the picture above). 

One more treat is this music video featuring China-born, Paris-raised singer Beilei singing the official theme song of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo's French Pavilion.  I didn't understand a single word but I enjoyed taking a tour of the city.

via We Heart Weddings


  1. I love Paris too and never been there. You'll make it there chica and have your own pictures to post.

  2. OMG thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful video and I hope you make it there someday. It's an amazing city! =)

  3. Hold onto that dream. I was able to go to paris in 2000 for a week and LOVED it. The art, the history, the food and the people. All were amazing. The woman I was traveling with told me to simply greet all Parisians with a sincere "Bonjour" or "Bonsoir" and they will be appreciative and friendly. She was absolutely correct. I found the people to be utterly charming (though much more formal and polite then we are here in the states.)

    Would LOVE to go back again some day. When you do go be sure to wear cute but comfortable walking shoes. There are so many places to explore and a lot of the streets, sidewalks and stairs are very old and uneven so be sure to wear something with a wide heel base for safety and comfort.

    Still need to make a trip up to the city to see the "Birth of Impressionism" art exhibit at the de Young Museum. If you haven't gone, you should. It's like part of the best part of Paris landing in your own backyard :)

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement and tips ladies! I'm hoping that I can make it to Paris in a year or two. Love that tip about the shoes. When I lived in DC, I saw many girls trying to walk the cobblestone streets. They would just tiptoe the whole sidewalk down. Silly girls.

    @FlirtyGirl: Planning to go to de Young Museum next month sometime. I forgot about it!