Ideas for Signature Drinks

Guess what? It's Cocktail Week on the kitchn! To join in the festivities and pick up the dreary Monday mood (and no, I do not endorse getting drunk to help your workday go by), I'm giving you a roundup of ideas for signature drinks. 

Let's start off with the signature drink I had at my wedding, X-rated Fusion Liqueur and Sprite (see recipe below under Fusion Fizz). The liqueur contains French vodka, blood orange, mango, and passion fruit. It's like someone combined my favorite Hawaiian Sun flavors and added alcohol (if you haven't tried POG yet, ask for it the next time you travel on Hawaiian Airlines or you can order it from Amazon). The Sprite balances the sweetness with some tartness and fizz. Yum! Another great thing about this recipe is that it's simple. When choosing signature cocktails for your wedding, I would advise against having more than 4 ingredients unless you are having a small reception. Trust me, your bartender will thank you. What was the price tag for this signature drink? I bought a dozen bottles of X-rated for about $22 a bottle. The corkage fee was $12/bottle and 12 bottles was more than enough for my 260 guest wedding. It works out to $1.57 a drink if each guest got 1 drink . I say that's a deal if you can't afford an open bar. 

What's a good source for drink recipes? Two words. Drinks Mixer. I wish I found this website before. It's one huge database of drink recipes. Recipes come along with videos, nutritional information, and even suggestions on what type of glass to serve your drink in. Try Drink Mixer's widget below to find some drink recipes.

Other go-to drink guides:
Don't forget to check out the kitchn this week! 

Not in the mood to make your own drink? If you're in the Bay, you can stop by the new restaurant owned by that guy making the Champagne Cocktail in the video up above. I hear master mixologists have taken up residence there and serve kick-a$$ cocktails. I haven't had the chance to go there yet but judging from this local blogger's review, I can't wait. 

Just found the BEST resource so far: the Cocktail Guru. Check out the link. You can have an accomplished Mixologist to design your signature drink. How divine!

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