Inspiration Board: Purple & Silver

I made this inspiration board for my friend whose wedding colors are purple and silver. She hopes to have orchids as her main flower and will be getting married in an elegant hotel in San Francisco in 2011. 

1st row: Invitations Ceci New York
3rd row: Flowers by Badang Rueda, Photography: Metro Photo via Brideandbreakfast
4th row: Vosges Chocolates; Signature drink: Stoli blueberry vodka, crushed blueberries, a splash of lemon by Skates on the Bay

Here's a wonderful video by Threelogy who filmed Jojo's and Ciara's wedding. (2nd row) . Their wedding was beyond beautiful, complete with an orchestra. OMG.

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  1. Yes chica great minds do think a like. Purple is such a wonderful color whether it be for makeup or a wedding. It conveys a sense of royalty and prestige. I love the items you choose for the inspiration board!