Why you need krazy glue in your wedding emergency kit

Yes, that's my mini-me by Nicole Clark that I wrote about in my other post. But it's my mini-me status post neck fracture.

I don't know how it happened. All I know is that she sustained a neck injury at some point during all the wedding craziness. Luckily, my wedding coordinator had krazy glue in her emergency kit. There are lists for wedding emergency kits galore all over the web so instead of rehashing all the items here, let's take a look at less common items you'd might want to consider in yours and why:

Tampons or pads | someone in your bridal party might forget about their time of the month
Floss |  your white-themed wedding can't possibly extend to your entire menu
Blotting powder / blotting sheets | your sebaceous glands will likely be working overtime
Candy or protein/granola bar | in case of hypoglycemia
Paper bag | don't know anyone to have an anxiety attack but in case anyone starts hyperventilating
Tweezers | for that random hair that decides on your wedding day to be the center of attention
Eye drops including those for contacts | in case you aren't emo enough to start crying
Ziploc bags | I don't know. Someone always needs a bag for something
Cash | tip envelope(s) are nowhere to be found

What are other not-so-popular but oh-so-helpful things that belong on the list?

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