Move over, candles. Brasa Fire takes the spotlight now

Anyone remember Sasha Souza's Fire and Ice themed wedding? I think awesome is an understatement. Imagine being a guest and waiting for your drink at a bar completely made of ice. Or picking up an appetizer being warmed by flames sans chafing dish? Swoon. Pretty came at a hefty price at that wedding--it cost $300,000! See Mrs. Plum's recap of it on weddingbee. Well, if Ms. Souza or anyone else out there is entertaining the idea of a fire and ice themed wedding (again), may I suggest Brasa Fire?

Brasa Fire via Design Milk

Starting at $165, Brasa Fire's fire lamps can be displayed as centerpieces or as subtle accents to add some kapow to the room. They're easily portable and burn on bioethanol; shedding light on green form meeting function.

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