Cinema: Threelogy

Sit back, put up your feet, and relax. Get ready to watch some awesome wedding video.  These clips are from Threelogy which is based in the Philippines where brides often book the videographer before the photographer. Imagine that! I love Threelogy because the films feel so fresh, vivid, and dynamic.  The way Threelogy manipulates the camera angles, framing, and camera movements makes me feel like I'm watching a movie. You just have to see for yourself. According to their website, they charge less than $3000 for the HD package.  I'm sure the cost to fly Threelogy to the US must be $$$ but if I had my wedding again I would hire them (and yes, I would totally marry the same guy)!

An upeat feel good video

Talk about beautiful views. Who knew that the soundtrack to House would match?

I would love to know who you consider a great wedding videographer.  


  1. I recently learned about the high priority videography is given in the Philippines when I was fortunate enough to see a presentation by Jason Magbanua while he was here in the Bay Area shooting a wedding.

    I wish that U.S. brides had more appreciation for the high quality of work some wedding videographers are now producing. The old cheesy stereotype of an obnoxious guy with a big mic and a light shoved in guests faces is so far behind what many artistic and creative videographers now produce, but so many people seem to be unaware that good and great videographers now exist.

  2. Totally agree! That's why my post today is on another videographer. :)