Party Planner: When Geeks Get Married

Geek meets Chic. Geek falls in love. Chic ignores Geek. Geek gets tired of the chase. Geek creates startup. Geek becomes millionaire. Chic then finally realizes Geek is the love of his/her life. Chic + Geek get married and have a fabulous wedding. What? That's not the story goes? Well, if it did, here are ideas for their fabulous unconventional wedding.

Woman Gives USB Wedding Ring to Her Geeky Fiance

Pay Tribute to the Galaxy Far, Far Away:
Star Wars Save the Date: A New Invitation via Offbeat Bride

Dress to Impress:
Cuff links with Lego, Star Wars, and other geeky themes on Etsy

Keep the Tradition Alive:
Arch of Lightsabers a la Arch of Sabers

Enhance Your Learning Environment:
Hold your reception at the Experience Music Project

Show Off Signature Drinks:
Brain ice: too cool for words via Darya Pino to keep cocktails cool

Taste Buds Take on a Science Major:
Dine on cuisine engineered by the Voltaggio Brothers (I miss watching those guys on Top Chef), Richard Blais, or by the godfather of molecular gastronomy, Wylie Dufresne

Applied Mathematics for Dessert
xkcd Comic Wedding Cake (pic above) by Pink Cake Box
"Firefly/Serenity" Spaceship by Cakelava
Super Mario Wedding Cakes via Weddingbee

Get Zero No Shows:
Big screens showing the live twitter stream like Evan Williams at TED, Ustream of the reception or clips of guests' coverage of the ceremony.
A fine example:

michael & janice - shot with an iphone 3g from phoeben teocson on Vimeo via We Heart Weddings

Show off:
Can't by camera shy if you want to broadcast your videos to one of the largest video screens in the world, the NASDAQ tower in Times Square

Never Get Bored:
Gaming Room with all the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo games galore

DJs are sooo last century:
Have (talented) guests play Rockband or Karaoke

Video Games Not Your Thing? Show You Don't Have Two Left Feet:
Dance Dance Revolution dancefloor

Craving for a cocktail but can't leave the dance floor?
Order your drink via an app that identifies your location with GPS and have the server bring your drink to you

Avoid having guests too drunk to drive:
Monitor with an Alcohol breathalyzer

Gifts for guests or bridal party
Star Wars USB Flash Drives from Mimoco via Moxsie

Wedding Registry:
Split Obsession
Star Wars shoyu (soy sauce) bottles, shampoo bottles & pepper mills from Japan that you can find at Split Obsession in Honolulu
Gift cards to Gamestop
PlayStation Controller Coffee Table

Real {Nerdy} Weddings:
petri dishes & test tube wedding | The Wedding Chicks
Cat and Andrew's sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding goodness | Offbeat Bride

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