Boutique Wishlist: Wine Country Casual to Cocktail Chic

One of the reasons I enjoy living in the Bay Area is its proximity to Wine Country. Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg… I love them all. At one point, my husband and I were frequenting Wine Country almost every weekend for a couple months. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, Napa Valley’s reputation for catering to the rich and hi maka maka (my use of pidgin in this blog is long overdue so you can look up the meaning here) precedes it. In the last three years, I’ve learned you can visit hidden, affordable spots to luxurious, jaw-dropping gems. I’ll save my travel guide to wineries for another post. Let’s start with what I would like to wear for my next visit.

This outfit was inspired by my last trip to Cuvaison and their 2008 Espiritu Dessert Wine. It’s sweet but, not overly so, unlike other dessert wines rich in caramel and butterscotch. This one simply reminds me of a really good berry pie. Its color is so amazing. You can see by the tiny drop I have left in the picture above (no, I’m not a lush. Thanks for asking).

The colors I wear to Napa Valley are usually grape and earthy tones. Not just because they’re pretty but because I’m a klutz and wine stains on white are not so flattering. I also like wearing things that are loose but still elegant and edgy. That’s why I love Fighting Eel’s "Tube Uri" dress from their Fall 2010 collection so much.

I also don’t like fussing with a huge purse to lug around. This Alexander McQueen clutch comes with a detachable glove. Yes, it’s weird but practical for the lady with an insane amount of money.

On the other hand, the Cydwoq boot is something that I might just splurge on because... well, it’s fabulous! Kidding aside, I love Cydwoq. I have two pairs of Cydwoq shoes and they fit my God-made-me-expensive feet. My feet are unusually narrow and I find it extremely difficult to find nice shoes. Regardless if your feet were destined for a sandal shoe ad or not, Cydwoq prides itself on making shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and durable.

Alas, my outfit is not yet complete. Any suggestions for jacket and accessories?

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