A Wedding is a Day; a Marriage is a Lifetime: 8 Rules for Arguing Fairly

 Venice, Italy

Wedding planning is not all about pretty flowers and cake, right?  There can be lot of stressful times when emotions run high especially when money is a limiting factor.  To help you cope, here are some pearls from my Engagement Retreat that can help you and your honey whenever you are arguing about things like buying the new Xbox vs renting table linens.

Rules for Arguing Fairly 
1. No name calling. 
This includes using affectionate terms sarcastically.
2. No third parties.
The argument is just between the two of you.
3. No past history.
If it's already settled don't bring it up again. You can use the 48 hour rule.
4. Stick to the subject.
Identify the problem. Don't go on to other issues.
5. No cheap shots.
Don't use the other's weakness to gain advantage. You may win the argument, but injure the relationship. No hitting below the belt!
6. Don't go to bed angry.
Finish the argument or call a truce and agree on a time to continue.
7. Maintain a sense of humor. 
Don't take yourselves too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine!
8. Hold Hands.
This is difficult because it requires a "decision to love." This helps to keep your focus where it belongs, on the person who means more to you than anyone in the world.

Disclaimer: I don't know the source of these rules so if you ever find the author, let me know so I can properly credit them. Thanks! 

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