Q for Wedding Pros: What do you think about wedding bloggers? Yay or Nay

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I know. I know. I'm a wedding blogger too. I also hope to become a wedding vendor someday so, like a dutiful young padawan, I try to do my homework by reading up on running a business in the wedding industry. Last week, the Sage Wedding Pros posted  "What if you got rid of your advertising budget?" It got me thinking about the advertising in wedding blogs and wedding blogs in general. With what seems like an infinite number of wedding blogs and vendors, how does one get noticed? How is the bride supposed to pick a vendor from wedding directories with incredibly long lists or cluttered sidebars? I wonder how much return wedding vendors get back from wedding blogs, whether it be through paid advertisements or from an endorsement in a post. Then I started to wonder about other aspects of wedding blogs that might bug wedding pros. Let's take the beloved inspiration board as an example. Brides, bloggers, and pros alike love clipping photos here and there but I have seen way too many photos without proper credit. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure I have been guilty of it myself. To bloggers' defense, the "source" often times does not provide proper credit as well. With all that said, wedding blogs are a never-ending source of inspiration and engaging editorial. Now that I have provided you with some of my opinions on wedding blogs, what's yours? Please add your own rants and raves to the comments below.  Brides, I would like to hear your opinion too.

This exercise is not to demean wedding bloggers in any way. I want it to be a learning exercise in order to improve the collaboration between wedding blogs and wedding pros in order to make wedding planning as efficient and effective as possible.

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