My Two Cents on How to Save $ on Your Wedding

Who wants to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank? Who doesn't, right? I must admit that I'm still paying for my wedding and that was three-ish years ago.  Sad but true.  I banked on recouping much of the wedding costs through our wedding gifts (we didn't have a gift registry so most of our gifts were cash) and selling my wedding dress. My plan failed and my dress is still in my closet.  Well, enough with this sob story. I hope you brides out there listen to my lil' roundup of links from around the web and learn how to have a fashionably frugal wedding.  :) 

This article features a lot of great points but there are some things he recommends that I would be really careful with:
  • Having a variety of desserts. Stacking a dessert bar with cupcakes, smores, candies, and/or cookies can add up especially if you're using different vendors. Just watch it. 
  • Trick cake. I don't know one person who was able to do this. My cake vendor said it would actually take more money to create false upper layers and sheet cakes.  It does make sense if your cake baker does not usually make fake layer cakes.  
  • Cupcakes? I heard they were going out of style.

Savvy Sugar is part of the uber-popular "insanely addictive" PopSugar Network. This site is full of incredibly useful wedding posts.

LearnVest aims to help women take control of their finances.  Check out their 8 step checklist to wedding planning.  Don't be dissuaded by their first tip, buffet-haters!  I fed my guests buffet-style and my guests loved it but it might just be a cultural thing. See what Mr. Bailey says about Buffet vs Sit Down here.

Still want the Rolls Royce, open bar, and honeymoon in Monte Carlo? Platinum weddings are so 2007.

Wedding Report
A backyard wedding seems like the in thing to do these days and the wedding blogosphere is eating it up. Check out two beautiful backyard weddings at Recycled Bride and the Ruffled blog.

These last three links are sites are non-wedding-related but can help you now and during your post-wedding bliss:

The Cheap Chica's Guide to Style
Lilliana is featured in Elle's September issue which is out on newsstands today. 

I use this online application to keep track of my spending. There were so many features I love like identifying what you spend the bulk of your budget on. It blew my mind how much we spent on food and drink (hey, what can I say? I live near Yountville where there's more Michelin Star restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world). The best part of Mint is that's it's free!

Oprah's Debt Diet
I haven't actually used this debt diet but there were tons of great pointers on the show. It's definitely worth your time checking out.

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