Going Green Without Going Granola

One of my first experiences with the eco-friendly culture of the Bay Area was shopping at Berkeley Bowl. The variety of produce there is astounding.  Bumping into other customers? Not so pleasant. If you don't know anything about Berkeley, let's just say I wish there were free green deodorants at the entrance rather than shopping cart sanitizers.  Slightly miffed at experiences like these, I easily dismissed the green lifestyle. Fortunately, after living here for a couple of years, those stereotypes have been broken for good. Lucky for you, you don't have to live here to learn how. Below is a roundup of local to international hippie hip picks to help you become a green goddess.Yes, I do love alliterations.

Ri Couture
This fashion line by Heather G Arcega and Janu Arasu transforms traditional Indian Saris into cute flirty dresses.

Moxsie's Eco Shop
Did I tell you I love Moxsie?  Moxsie features independent designers and has a site dedicated to organic, recycled, and sustainable clothes.

Blissmo is like Groupon but for sustainable businesses. They offer savings on the local and national level. Contact them if you want to get more deals in your area.

SF approved
Browse the list of household products from cleaning products to office supplies that received the City of San Francisco's stamp of approval.  

Read TreeHugger
Dubbed as the "green CNN," you can come here to read about you can malama ka 'aina (respect the land). TreeHugger even has a fashion and beauty section.

Attend the Kokua Festival
Speaking of malama ka 'aina, you can support the Kokua Hawai'i Foundation,  a non-profit organization that supports environmental education in Hawaii's schools and communities, by watching Jack Johnson in concert. Need I say more?

Read, watch, and get inspired.

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