Food Truck Friday

Who says you can't eat well on a budget? If you're lucky enough to live in the Fog City, your tummy and your wallet will thank you if you go to tonight's Off the Grid at the Fort Mason Center. It's where the mobile food carts serve up gourmet delights by chefs like William Pilz of HapaSF

Hapa SF 
Photography by Jun Belen
Hapa SF 
Photography by Jun Belen
Hubba hubba. 
I mean the food! What are you looking at? :P

Two food trucks in my neck of the woods are Jon's Street Eats and Seoul on Wheels. Jon serves up restaurant quality food and I love love love his food. It's too bad we haven't seen him recently but that might be because he's busy setting up his new project. To meet my street food craving, I finally had my first taste of Seoul on Wheels by Julie Yoon earlier this week. I would definitely go back for her bulgogi which was incredibly tasty and tender. Don't live in the Bay Area? Oh, you poor thing. I kid! You can recreate her famous bulgogi by following her recipe on Food & Wine.

Here's my roundup of links on our favorite traveling eateries:

"Off the Grid" by Amy Sherman of Cooking with Amy

Yumsugar's Food Truck Love Slideshow

"Cool Trucks" by Hayan Café (via Design Sponge)

"The New Airstream Cuisine" by Food & Wine

The Food Network's Food Truck Race

TLC's Best Food Ever Fab Food Carts TLC's website doesn't have any more scheduled listings but some of the carts they loved were The Treats Truck in New York, Maximus Minimus in Seattle, and Bay Area's very own Seoul On Wheels. The show though snubbed LA's roaring food truck scene. How can TLC ignore this Best New Chef?

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